Walking In Snow


Hi Jo!

I walked from my home in an area known as Apex (or Niaqunnguut) into the city of Iqaluit yesterday. I walked on the beach and skidoo path rather than the road. This is my favourite time of year! This is when all my bottled up love for my home and this land pours out and over me!

I took a couple of pictures for you 🙂

Stacey - Walking in Snow

Our ocean here is still frozen, but the mix of bright sun and clean snow is the best feeling.

I hope you are well,



Kiaora from Aotearoa Stacey!

Oh wow – just beautiful, a lot more comfy walking on snow than it is on the hard road aye!
These images are beautiful – so where is home and work? Looks like you’re in the middle of nowhere haha 🙂

And you are right, I can just imagine sun and snow would be a nice feeling.

Yes the year is already into April – I’ve been busy as well so kei te pai (all good!)

I went home to Taranaki again to install an art work with Vicki for WOMAD (http://womad.co.nz) last month. Was nice to be home again.

We’re in Autumn now, one of my favourite seasons. Not too hot, not too cold and beautiful autumn leave colours.

Hope you and your whānau are well too!

Will be in touch again soon!

Jo 🙂

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