Kiaora Stacey!

Just touching base now that I have slept a bit and feel like I can emerge again into the world on this side!

I have so much to do and so much I want to do over the coming weeks?

How was the journey home and how is your family? Your daughter would have been grateful to have you home!

I wanted to ask about my necklace and copper – I love it! You did give me some words about how your people are a copper people – if you could share again that would be great!

I was also thinking about different times we experienced at the ISEA conference in Vancouver – storytelling, eating food, the hand sign (hehe), more food, laughs, laughs and lots more laughs and perhaps one of these could be used as a work in progress name.

I also thought we could perhaps have guest bloggers to our blog to share about different things in their own cultures.

Any thoughts you have let me know!


Jo x

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