We are the Copper Inuit

Hi Jo, I miss you!

You asked me about my Inuit tribe last week. I’ll share a little bit about that today.

We are the Copper InuitThe area where I come from is the central Canadian arctic region and the ‘tribe’ of that area are Copper Inuit. I use quotations on ‘tribe’ because we don’t really use that terminology to describe ourselves and our different Inuit groups.

We Inuit often refer to ourselves by what we are known for highly utilizing within our respective regions. The Aivilingmiut (people of the walrus), the Netsilinmiut (people of the seal), the Copper Inuit, etc. So the group of Inuit I come from highly utilized the copper in the area. It was in much of our tools and our art work. Today most Copper Inuit live in the three communities of Kugluktuk, Iqaluktuutiaq and Ulukhaktok and our dialect of the Inuit language is called Inuinnaqtun and Inuvialuktun.

my mother is the young girl
My mother is the young child on the “We are the Copper Inuit” mural

I really like the idea of guest bloggers, Jo. I think that would be so great. I can already think of a few a friends who could add a unique voice to what we are doing here.

I was actually talking to a friend yesterday about language and I brought you up a couple times. We spoke specifically about what you said about how if you want to enrol your children in language programming or schools, the parents also have to show a commitment by taking language programs themselves to help encourage use of it in the homes. We thought that was so interesting and so smart. I really want to learn more about that and other things you are doing to help preserve and share your Maori language.

Taima for now,

Aarluk 🙂

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