Walking in Circles is a creative collaboration between Stacey Aglok (Inuit) & Jo Tito (Māori).

Born from a gathering at SCANZ 2015 in Taranaki, Aotearoa NZ, Jo and Stacey shared stories during their time there and continued to have conversations over email when they returned to their “poles apart” landscapes.

Fascinated by the similarities and also the differences in their indigenous cultures, they decided that documenting these conversations as part of a collaborative journey was a great opportunity to create new work and be inspired and perhaps from these conversations “something” would be created.

In August 2015 they met again at ISEA in Vancouver Canada and continued to talk about how their collaboration could become an international exhibition, a way of sharing indigenous knowledge and what this might mean for the rest of the world.

The name “Walking in Circles” came about from an evening walk in Vancouver after an exhibition opening at the Vancouver museum. Stacey and Jo got lost (a laugh in itself!) and realised after walking a while that they had ended up at the same place where they started. They had walked a full circle and it has become the name of this project to reflect an indigenous way of thinking and an organic journey that will unfold over time.

All stories shared here are the perspectives of Stacey and Jo. They are personal experiences and stories as they have come to know them and in no way intend to reflect their cultures as a whole. Over time, they will invite others to share their stories here also.

Stacey & Jo.